Hobbies and Interests

One of my favorite hobbies is music. I not only enjoy listening to a wide range of music styles (just about everything), I also play several instruments. The guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards are my favorite instruments to play. Also, I do a fair amount of composing music and recording as well.

Diecast Cars:
Anyone remember those little cars racing down the track, or finding them buried in the sandbox after you thought they were lost? Well, those days are never over when you take up collecting Hotwheels (and other brands as well). They don't get the workout like they used to, but these little cars are something else I like to collect and modify (or customize).

One of my more useful hobbies is taking pictures. I use many of my photos in artwork and projects, but I also enjoy taking pictures just to capture a moment in time. Having a digital camera has increased my interest in photography. No more waiting to get the film developed! There is a special quality to film however, and I do hope to one day have my own darkroom.




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