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Welcome to the Diecast area of my site.




Here you will find various pages with cars that interest me. I collect mostly 1:64 scale cars and own too many to post all of them. My collecting started back when I was very little. Some of my first memories are playing with cars of all sizes, but the ones I cherished most were the small ones. The smaller scale cars seem to fit well with my Legos and blocks. Later, they would be the focal point in many hours spent in the dirt cities outside or terrain of my bedroom.

I collect mostly HotWheels and Johnny Lightning these days. I will collect other brands if I really like the casting or year/make of the car. But I have focused on more of the "exclusive" lines. These are usually offered in limited numbers, sold only through the company website, and what some refer to as "chase" cars. They usually command a higher dollar, but the quality is well worth it in many cases. However, I won't pass up looking through the regular cars that hang on the pegs in local retail stores.

Back in my early days I enjoyed the Matchbox (Lesney) and HotWheels cars. I still have my cars from back then, well maybe most of them anyway. A few survived in good shape, but most were well played with.

I hope you enjoy looking around at the various cars.


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